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The LAST Sale

Who we are: Just in case you came here via a “share” or a re-tweet or some other form of social whatsit and have no idea what Escape Pod Comics is and what we do here, I’ll give you a brief run-down. Escape Pod Comics is a comic shop that acts as much more than a comic shop- with classes, lectures, signings and sections separated by genre and not publisher. Or, we’re supposed to be. This summer we tried to Kickstart our first year of operation. We didn’t quite make it, sadly. While gathering funds from various sources, we tried to re-tool our website so that it could be used for streaming classes and have all sorts of good stuff. It’s taking longer than planned, though. So, rather than sit on our haunches and do nothing I decided to put some items up here for sale while I was catalouging/organizing the extensive back issue stock that we already own (most of it kindly donated by JM DeMatties and Mordechai Luchins.) This is, hopefully, our LAST sale as the amazing Noto Bella design team informs me that the website will be done sometime in the next week, so :

How we do it: As with our other sales, anyone interested in a comic or comic bundle should just shoot me an email at to make sure that no one has purchased it in the last minute. I will respond as promptly as possible with your total price plus shipping and, hopefully, just as promptly remove that item from the listing. If a comic is in the picture but the listing is crossed out (like this, right?) it is SOLD. (Please note, there are multiple copies of many books so if you see something you ordered NOT crossed out, don’t be concerned.)

I know this sounds very complicated and I wish there were an easier way, but with our site in development there really aren’t that many options that are any better.

SOME IMPORTANT INFO: Shipping is $5.95 for domestic US and $11.95 for anywhere else in the world. (I know this sounds steep but, realize, that if you buy $30 worth of stuff here you’re looking at POUNDS of comics and the shipping actually ends up costing me more.) Payment is through PayPal and orders are on a first come (via email) first serve basis. THE SALE WILL RUN UNTIL 12am (EST) ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH and all items will (hopefully) ship no later than the following Monday. If you would like your items shipped before the end of the sale, please make sure to say so in your email. Unless otherwise stated, all books are in “Fine” condition. Keep in mind these are used comics, though you wouldn’t be able to tell with 95% of them.

What This Sale is all about: Now that the Site launch is actually in… well…sight, it means that we have about a thousand things to do to actually get it worth looking at. We also have the awesome Sara Noto to pay. While Sara has done this work as a favor, it wasn’t for free. So this sale will not only act as a buffer as we transition to our new site, but will also (hopefully) provide the funds to pay our web designer/developer. You’ll also find some great gift ideas here- we’ve really scoured our shelves to find something for everyone. This sale has Super-heroes, adaptations of great works, anthologies, drama, non-fiction, SF, Fantasy- really give it a look and I’m sure you’ll find something you or a loved one would like. 

One last thing: I know it’s an inconvenient way to shop and a lot to look through but not only will you be helping us pay for our website (Which will make all this complex garbage a non-issue for future sales) but you will also be helping us create a new kind of comic shop and comic website and, not to put too fine a point on it, getting some pretty great deals at the same time. That being said, let’s bring out the books!

Due to the way Tumblr works (or at least, my lack of understanding of such) the pictures are rather small. You can see them full sized right here.

The sale has been divided into loose categories- some of things you see would fit just as well in other sections, so keep that in mind as you look through.

Graphic Novels

Black Kiss (HC)- $10, Blindspot- $10, Bulletproof Monk- $6, Breakdowns- $12, Breathtaker- $6, 

Dogs & Water (HC)- $10, Glacial Period- $6, Gordon Yamamoto & The King of the Geeks- $4, Heartland- $2, Hell Eternal- $4, I Die at Midnight- $4, Modesty Blaise- $6, Mu (HC)- $10

Numb- $3, Old Man Winter- $3, Pride of Baghdad (SC)- $6, Quixote- $6, Sebastian O- $6, Speed Racer: Born to Race- $6, Stray- $4

The Adventures of Herge (HC)- $8, The Aviary- $6, The Bizaar- $3, The Name of the Game- $8, Tomahawk- $3, War Story: Condors- $3, Wendel, His Cat, and the Progress of Man (HC)- $5

Colleen Doran’s A Distant Soil

This Wonderful Science Fiction sereis is soon to be re-released and can be read online right here. Like many creator-owned comics of the 80s there is a long a fascinating publishing history involved, but we won’t get into all that here- right now all you need to know is that there was a run printed as large format magazine sized comics by Warp Graphics (Suitable for framing, as you can see by the stunning art):

Issues 2-5-$6 each

Which continued as smaller, regular comic sized, also by Warp:

Issues 6-9- $4 Each

And, eventually, an edition that Colleen Self-published under her Aria Press imprint:

Issues 2&9- $4 each

There was also an Image Comics run, but we don’t have any of those for sale. If you have a minute (AFTER checking out everything in the sale, of course) you really should check out the web-version of the comic- there really is nothing quite like A Distant Soil.)

On Comics and Comic Art

Acme Novelty Library Date Book (HC)- $8, Strangers in Paradise Treasury Edition- $8, Sandman: Dustcovers (HC)-$10

Modern Masters Volume 11: Charles Vess- $6, Steve Rude: Artist in Motion (HC)- $15, The Toth Reader- $8

Will Eisner: Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative- $8


A Christmas Carol- $4, Another Suburban Romance- $3, Comic Book Tattoo- $10

Elric 1-3, 5 & 6- $2 each

Frankenstein- $4, Greek and Roman Mythology Vol. 3- $6, Hypothetical Lizard- $4. Macbeth- $4, Hamlet- $5, Remembrance of Things Past Vol. 1- $6, The Fountain- $8

America’s Best Comics

America’s Best was Alan Moore’s attempt to make his own comic company, telling his own tales. It’s most famous for The League of Extraordinary Gentleman books and Promethea but Moore also created Tom Strong, a brilliant take on the pulp hero and early supermen clones, and Top Ten, a very “real” book about a town where everyone has super-powers, to name (and sell) a few:

Top Ten 1-8- $12, Tom Strong 1-8- $12

Sadly, just as the company was really taking off and receiving loads of acclaim, their parent company, Wildstorm, was purchased by DC Comics- whom Moore had vowed never to work for again.

This left him in a predicament:  he had already sent scripts and fleshed out ideas to his collaborators- people who wouldn’t be paid until the work was published.

64 Page Giant America’s Best- $3

Moore allowed all already-in-production work to continue and “ended” the entire universe by having the world end in the last issue of Promethea.

One of the most interesting books they put out, for my money, is the Tomorrow Stories Series, where some of the most compelling stories were created by some awesomely talented people, all with very little editorial interruption, as Moore had Intended.

Tomorrow Stories 1-9- $3 each

One wonders if Moore would still be making comics to this day if DC hadn’t purchased Wildstorm…

Group and Single creator Anthologies

Alec: The Years Have Pants- $10, Deevee- $2, Divergence- $2, Flinch- $2, For a Price- $3, Hatch Vol. 1- $6, Hellboy: Weird Tales- $2, 

Judge Dredd: The Restricted Files Vol. 01- $7, Impact Winter Special- $2, Marvel Megazine #4- $2, Meathaus 8: Headgames- $6, Becky Cloonan: Minis- $5. MOME: Winter 2006- $5, Project: Romantic- $5, Paul Hornschemeier: Sequential (HC)- $7

Showcase Presents: Strange Adventures- $5, Starstream #1- $3, Strange Tales (HC)- $7, Within Our Reach- $4, Zegas #1- $4

Complete Mini and Short Runs

Concrete: Eclectica 1-2 $2 each

Unknown Soldier- $6

User- $6

Congo Bill- $6

Delphine- $7

Dune- $5

Flex Mentallo- $6

Gangland- $6

Girl- $5

Wolverine/Havok: Meltdown- $8

Johnny Double- $6

Pride & Joy- $6

Pulp Fantastic- $5

Sci Guy- $10

Tattered Banners- $6

The Black Hood- $15

The Griffin- $10

Uncle Sam- $5


Like, A Distant Soil above, Elfquest was a major force in the self-publishing world of the 70s and 80s. You may have heard the name recently because the creators have just given the film rights to people who made a fan-film or because Boing-Boing announced that the series has found a new home on their website. Or you may not have. Either way, when it comes to High Fantasy comics, Elfquest is legendary. The story began in Fantasy Quarterly #1

Fantasy Quarterly #1- $20

And then moved into those big Warp Graphic magazine sized comics (Remember, the ones that are suitable for framing? Hint hint)

Elfquest 1-20 (Missing issues 4 and 14)- $10 each

And then on to those smaller Warp sizes:

Elfquest series 2 1-7 (Missing #4)- $6 each

Eventually, Marvel comics brokered a deal with the Pinis to re-publish the original books under their Epic line, which featured creator owned books (Yes, BEFORE Vertigo!)

Elfquest (Epic) 1-32 (Missing 12, 14, 24, 25)- $3 Each

The series eventually saw reprints and new material come out of DC, but when that proved unsuccessful, they took the series online (AGAIN, just like A Distant Soil) and are now publishing new tales on Boing Boing. Whether you buy any of these or not, Elfquest is really worth checking out. (After you’ve finished perusing this sale, of course.)


The Malibu line of comics were a short-lived creation. Attempting to capitalize on the comic market boom and the success of the “continuity coherent” Valiant Comics line (more on that later) “The Ultraverse,” as it was called, featured characters interacting with each other and appearing in multiple books without the messy mistakes the big companies frequently made. But the real selling point on the Malibu books was the state-of-the-art computer colorization and high quality printing materials they used. While standard nowadays, the sort of quality paper, inks and crisp color was only seen in the more expensive, more “intellectual” comics of the time.

Ultraverse: Future Shock- $1, The Strangers #1- $2, Prototype #1- $2, Ultraverse: Premiere- $1, Ultraverse: Origins- $1, Star Slammers #1- $2, Raver #1- $2, Angels of Destruction #1- $2, Exiles 1-2, $3

Sadly, as the boom ended, so did Malibu. Marvel Comics bought they up (many believe to get their in-house coloring software and team) and redid the whole line- canceling many books and moving fan-favorite Marvel characters into the Ultraverse.

Ultraforce (series 1) #2, 8-10- $1 each

The Black September story-line, as it was called, ended all Ultraverse books except for a few. This started in the Ultraforce/Avengers series and all the books that would contiue re-launched with an “Infinity number” first issue

Avengers/Ultraforce (3 issues)- $5, Ultraforce #Infinity- $2

Ultraforce 1-14 (missing #12)- $1 each

The new series, as well as the frequent Marvel/Malibu cross-overs did not do well and eventually all that was left was an “Unlimited” anthology series, which also quickly folded.

Rune/Silver Surfer- $3, Mutants vs. Ultras- $3, Prime/Captain America- $3, Ultraforce/Spider-Man (2 covers, choose which)- $3, Ultraverse Unlimited 1-2, $2 each.

Now only a tiny blip on the comic history timeline, Malibu’s high quality books actually have a lot to do with the levels of production we are used to with modern comics.

Newspaper Comics

The Katzenjammer Kids: Early Strips in full color- $4, Rip Kirby, The Complete Strips (HC)- $18, The Complete Peanuts: 1975-1976 (HC)- $10

Part of a Larger Whole

These books work on their own, for the most part, but aren’t TRULY stand-alones, as they are part of larger series. But they’re still damn fun reads on their own.

American Century book 1- $5, Beanworld: Remember Here When You Are There! (HC)- $8, Conan: The Spear and other stories- $6

Disavowed 1-5- $2 each

DMZ: Books 1 and 2- $4 each

Cerebus: Guys- $8, Cerebus: Latter Days- $8

East Coast Rising book 1- $4, Growing Up Comics #0- $3, Judge Dredd vs. The Dark Judges- $3, Little Annie Fanny Vol. 02- $8, Preacher- Cassidy: Blood & Whiskey- $3, Princess at Midnight- $3, Skeleton Key Color Special- $2, The Adventures of Blanche book 1 (HC)- $7

The Martian Confederacy Vol. 01- $3, Transformers Collected Comics #1- $7, You’ll Never Know Book 1 (HC)- $7

Exit Vol. 02 #1-4- $10

Gon: Book 1- $5, Gon: On Safari- $5

Ramayan 3392 Reloaded Vol. 01- $3, Ramayan 3392 AD- $4, Ramayan 2292 AD Reloaded Guidebook- $3

Red Sonja (Dynamite!) 0-2- $2 each

Testament books 1 and 2- $5 each

The Chronicles of Conan Vols. 15 & 16- $6 each

Yi Soon Shin 1-4- $2 each

American Flagg!

American Flagg! is, to many, Howard Chaykin’s masterpiece. Taking place in a dystopian future where celebrity is… well, as proportionally important as it nowadays, cats talk and no one is to be trusted. Add some ultra-violence, Garter belts and complex plots and nothing can really top it.

American Flagg! 2-18, 26- $3 each, American Flagg Special: Time2- $4

Signed Comics

I, personally, own a good number of signed comics. Most are signed to me, though, and usually have some sentimental attachement involved. The three comics here have neither my name nor sentiment to me and therefor are up for grabs. If things ever get really really really tight (as opposed to just plain tight, as they are now) I guess I’ll be selling my Signed Maus, Sandman and Cerebus comics. For now, though, I’ll keep them.

Captain Zap 1-2. #1 is signed by creator Oliver Simonson- $10

The Sandman: The Wake (HC)- signed to JM DeMatties by Michael Zulli- $20

X-0 Manowar #1, signed by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti- $10

Random Randomness of Randominity

I realize now that I probably could have fit a whole bunch of these into other categories but that would have entailed more photo editing or re-taking pictures and I STILL would have been left with stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere. So there you go. What you’ll find here is some stuff that doesn’t exactly fit with the rest but is just too good not to put up here. Oh, and also silliness.

Bombast #1, Satan’s Six #1, Captain Glory #1- $2 each

The Fly (Red Circle) #1- $3, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea- $3, Heroes, Inc presents: Cannon- $4

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134. 138, 143- $8 each

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #142- #3, Young Romance pocket book #1- $6, Cutey Bunny #5- $3, Howard the Duck #7, #27- $3 each

Random issues of Concrete- $2 each

Pelleas & Melisande 1-2 (complete)- $6, Parsifal- $4, Flaming Carrot Comics #9- $3, Red Sonja (Marvel) #5- $2

Cerebus bi-weekly #1- $3, Cerebus#25- $3

Bartman #1- $2, The Spirit: New Adventures #1- $3


The Valiant universe, as mentioned above, was know for it’s very tight continuity and it’s more serious tone. Not “grim n’ gritty” like other late 80s/early 90s comics tried to be, but more mature in the their whole approach, the Valiant comics seemed to be an attempt to extrapolate Alan Moore’s main points from Marvel Man and Watchmen and make a tightly-woven universe out of it.

Psi-Lords #1, Doctor Mirage #1, Bloodshot 1-2- $3 each.

Not surprisingly, this only lasted so long before it became an unwieldy nightmare and within a few years of putting out some quality books along with some real head-scratchers, Valiant folded.

They have returned more than once since, with their current resurrection getting a lot of high praise. Something that they didn’t recieve much of when they resurfaced in the early 2000s as “Acclaim Comics.”

Shadowman 9-11, X-0 Manowar 10-16, Troublemakers 11-14, Quantum and Woody 1, 11-14 $1 each.

Possibly because it was hard to keep all the old continuity (such an important part of the original Valiant universe) and the new changes to it straight. Acclaim decided that more “standalone” stories and tales would be succesful.

Magnus: Robot Fighter 10-13- $1 each. Man of the Atom, Revelations, Operation: Stormbreaker, GOAT- $2 each.

But the only title that really seemed to work for was the Turok series, which had been re-imagined to fit the universe created by the successful video game franchise the original comic had spawned:

Turok: Timewalker 1-2 (complete)- $5, Turok:Child of Blood, Turok: The Empty Land, Turok: Spring break- the Lost Land, Turok: Tales of the Lost Land- $2 each.


Well, if you made it this far, you’ll have seen a fair number of super-hero books before this but this is where I’m putting the books that don’t really fit anywhere BUT under the catch-all header of “Super-Hero.” About half the books are part of larger series (like the books above under the same heading, they are still very readable on their own, there’s just MORE) but a few are “standalone” books- however much a book that requires you to know loads of information from a characters decades of publishing history can be called “standalone” that is.

Part of a larger whole

Albion Vol. 01- $4, Kick-Ass Vol. 01 (HC)- $10, Jack Kirby’s Fourth World featuring Mister Miracle Vol. 02- $5, Planetary: All Over the World and other stories- $5, The Authority: Relentless- $5, The Sandman Vol. 01 (HC)[Still in shrink-wrap, never read]- $20, The Tick: Big Blue Destiny- $7, Ultimate Spider-Man Collection Vol. 01 (HC)[Features the first SIX trade paperbacks]- $35

Stand Alone 

Thor: World Engine- $3, Captain America: Deathlok Lives- $3, Fanboy- $5, Green Lantern: Will World- $3, Holy Terror (HC)- $10, Loco vs. Pulverine- $2, The Last Avengers Story- $4, Totems- $4

Well, that’s all folks! Hopefully by the time this sale ends (Nov. 30th, remember?) our site will be up, running and have all sorts of great goodies in the store, the classes and the blog. 

Just drop us a line at to request any of the comics and make sure they haven’t been purchased already. If they are crossed-out, they have been. 

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